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The Tower & the Star


Out in the cold fringes. The Oort cloud of the consciousness where light is scarce. Only the icy stare of countless unnamed stars to see you along your journey. A path with no beginning nor port of call. A tortured sojourner lost in a hellish purgatory searching, in despair, for an exit.

The Tower & the Star is not only a strange tale but a frigid trek through melancholic dejection. One spirit's rove into the dark night and its arduous transformation throughout. An unmoored voyage with but a whit of hope to lay hold of that tunnel's subsequent light.

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Prompted Pieces
Prompted Pieces


I find it fascinating how a single word can inspire so many varieties of poetry. How a single phrase will bring out an optimistic haiku from one poet and a heartbreaking string of couplets from another. On that premise, contained within the pages of this book are my own poems which have been inspired by all of the wonderful prompters and poets on Twitter.

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These Bones; Long & Short


The poems contained within 'These Bones; Long & Short' were written a few years after the sudden passing of my father. His death was abrupt and it took some time to sink in and for the grief to express itself fully through me. At the same time, my grandmother was suffering the final, horrible stages of dementia. She was one of my most favorite people in the world and this disease had robbed our family of her. Memories of she and my father are scattered throughout the pages of this book in one form or another, accompanied by strange tales, prose, haiku and poems that gaze deeply back into their own reflections cast by the pool of life itself.

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Folk is the dusk, that twilight hour when the wind blows cooler and the lightning bugs dance. Folk is seeing the forest with all of its enchantments through the eyes of a child and hearing the leaves whisper. Folk is the moonlight reaching down to caress the face of the Earth on a crisp autumn night. Folk is Grandfather's stories of old and Grandmother's wisdom. Folk is in our dreams and in our veins, it lives within our unpolluted thoughts. Folk is the understanding of something larger than one's self. It is the simplest form of who we are.

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The Sad Lover Boy, the Vampire & the Lime King


The Sad Lover Boy, the Vampire & the Lime King, the second book of poems from Brandon Hildreth is a collection of bittersweet loving sadness and hateful goodness. It molds together to form a delicate truffle fit for a queen or a king. Whether you’re a saddened, brokenhearted, lost and wandering lover from which selflessness and magical forgotten powers ooze, a torn and tormented sucker of vital bodily essences hiding in the shadows of some dark abandoned manmade structure waiting for eternity to bring you peace and happiness, or even a stargazer struggling to push the mental cheese off of its celestial cracker in order to find that orphaned inner child walking the hallways and corridors of the mind; you will find waiting for you within the pages of this book an interesting and fantastical journey.

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Scrap Paper


Scrap Paper is a collection of poems that touch on feelings and emotions ranging from the lovely light hearted to the darkest most selfish. It is something to which everyone will relate and connect during times of happiness or sadness, anger or love. It is but a few deep-seated, subtle things that make up a life. Scrap Paper is what it is.

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