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The Tower & the Star

Vinyl LP Audio Book

For the collector in us all, my audio book, The Tower & the Star, is now available on vinyl. I put a lot of time and care into this recording and felt that an MP3 download was not tribute enough for this work. What better way to honor the long hours spent than with a physical piece of media? In other words, I did it because... Why not?

With that being said, I feel that the price set by the supplier is just about as much as I'd want to spend on vinyl. Instead of marking up the price I have decided to charge the supplier's price, which means I will not be making ANY profit from the sales.  I will, however; be adding a 'donate' button to this page for those of you who are able to give a little more to support (me) the artist. It is NOT mandatory to give a donation, but anything you choose to give would be most appreciated. 




Out in the cold fringes. The Oort cloud of the consciousness where light is scarce. Only the icy stare of countless unnamed stars to see you along your journey. A path with no beginning nor port of call. A tortured sojourner lost in a hellish purgatory searching, in despair, for an exit.

The Tower & the Star is not only a strange tale but a frigid trek through melancholic dejection. One spirit's rove into the dark night and its arduous transformation throughout. An unmoored voyage with but a whit of hope to lay hold of that tunnel's subsequent light.

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